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Episode 98 - A Discussion w/ LA Treasurer-Elect John Fleming

“May we never forget that the Lord works wonders for every one of his devoted lovers. And this is how I know that he will answer my every prayer. Tremble in awe before the Lord, and do not sin against him. Be still upon your bed and search your heart before him. Pause in his presence Bring to the Lord the sacrifice of righteousness and put your trust in him.”

This passage was an admonition to me this morning to keep my heart pure before the Lord. The Lord has asked us to be faithful and pure in the little things. And we know that He will show Himself faithful in all things. These verses reminded to me this morning that sin we haven’t dealt with through repentance serves as a wall between us and the Lord. And we’re the ones with the power to tear that wall down. It’s with humility and faith that we do that - by keeping our hearts clean through inviting Holy Spirit to examine us and shine a light on what’s out of order. Let me encourage you today. Invite Holy Spirit to come and do that with you, so that you can live in freedom and in the fullness of what Jesus’s sacrifice accomplished for you. We have to much work to do to be held hostage by our own failings.

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