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Episode 88 - The November Election's - Endorsements & Amendments


“God has rescued my soul from death’s fear and dried my eyes of many tears. He’s kept my feet firmly on his path and strengthened me so that I may please him and walk before Yahweh in his fields of life. Even when it seems I’m surrounded by many liars and my own fears, and though I’m hurting in my suffering and trauma, I still stay faithful to God and speak words of faith.”


This is a passage of praise to God. It’s a passage of testimony of the faithfulness of the Lord. For the author, this is like a stone of remembrance testimony - where he lays out the story of a very desperate time in his life and how the Lord came through. He talks about how the Lord enabled him and strengthened him to stay the course of his calling, and how in response, the psalmist will be faithful to the Lord. Let me encourage you today. Consider some of the stones of remembrance testimonies in your life. Write them down and remind yourself, your friends and your family about those times in your life when all hope seemed lost, when things were dire but the Lord came through for you. This is how we strengthen ourselves in the Lord, how we refocus our minds, and how we firmly re-establish the centrality of God’s faithfulness and our faith in Him. This is a time when we need to be rock solid in our faith... and recounting the faithfulness of the Lord is how we get there.

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