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Episode 86 - Race to the Finish Series feat. Tammi Fabre

“It is not proper for a leader to lie and deceive, and don’t expect excellent words to be spoken by a fool. Wise instruction is like a costly gem. It turns the impossible into success.”


I was reading this passage this morning, and strangely it was a great encouragement to me. It was such a good reminder that what we have grown so accustomed to -- being lied to by leaders is absolutely wrong. We know it’s wrong, but we have been so conditioned it has become normal. We don’t need to accept the lies. And we have unfortunately also have more than our fair share of fools in positions of power. Solomon knew thousands of years ago that we could not count on them to say anything sensible. And the real encouragement here is that if we seek wise instruction from the Lord and from people who walk in the wisdom of the Lord, it will make the impossible, possible.

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