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Episode 78 - A Discussion on Amendments & Endorsements

“High upon his hills of holiness stands God’s city. How God loves the gates of Zion, his favorite place on earth. So many glorious things have been proclaimed over Zion, God’s holy city! Pause in his presence For the Lord says, “Here are the nations who will acknowledge me as God: Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and the Mediterranean people, even distant Ethiopia. They will all boast, ‘I was born in Zion!’ ” But over Zion it will be said, “The mighty Man was born there, and he will establish it.” For the God Most High will truly bless Jerusalem. And when he counts her citizens, recording them in his registry, he will write by their names: “This one was born again here!” Pause in his presence And the princes of God’s feasts will sing and dance, singing, “Every fountain of delight springs up from your life within me!””


This Psalm speaks of God’s love for Jerusalem and for Israel. I think it also speaks of the Kingdom of God - with each of us as His dwelling place. But we ask now Lord that You send Your mighty angels to protect, to cover and to fight for the people of Israel and to bring comfort to the Jewish people all over the world. We ask for justice for this horrible, murderous invasion and we ask for complete exposure and judgement for the attackers. We pray for the peace of Israel and the salvation of the Jewish people.

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