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Episode 77 - Candidate Endorsement Series feat. Brandon Trosclair, Secretary of State Candidate

“With breathtaking wonder, let everyone worship Yahweh, this awe-inspiring Creator. He breathed words and worlds were birthed. “Let there be,” and there it was— springing forth the moment he spoke, no sooner said than done! With his breath he scatters the schemes of nations who oppose him; they will never succeed. His destiny-plan for the earth stands sure. His forever-plan remains in place and will never fail. Blessed and prosperous is that nation who has God as their Lord! They will be the people he has chosen for his own.”


I was so encouraged when I read this. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the bigness, the greatness and the power of our God. He creates and destroys with a simple word. And His plans are eternal. I love that last line. It tells us that the nation who makes the Lord their God will be blessed and prosperous. And He has chosen them to be His own, because they love Him. It’s that simple. It’s not about religious activity. It’s not about getting everything right. It’s about setting our hearts on the Lord. I believe America is turning back to the Lord. And Louisiana in particular is full of faithful people who love the Lord. So be encouraged. This scripture is a promise that the Lord will bless us and break through for us as we pursue loving Him. And as you’ve often said Chris, love is not a feeling, it’s a choice. And it’s usually got action associated with it.

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