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Episode 76 - Candidate Endorsement Series feat. Liz Baker Murrill, Attorney General Candidate

“When Jacob’s God roared his rebuke, soldiers and their steeds all fell to the ground, stunned and lying still. No wonder you are greatly feared! You are the awe-inspiring God! For who could ever stand before your face when your fierce anger burns and live to tell about it. As the earth itself holds its breath in awe before you, judgment is decreed from heaven. You arise to punish evil and defend the gentle upon the earth. Pause in his presence”


I loved reading this scripture this morning, because it feels like I have been praying so long for justice. It can look like there is injustice everywhere. Like Isaiah said, truth is lacking and justice stumbled in the streets. But this is a picture and a reminder that just one word from the Lord can bring the justice we so greatly desire. And His justice is not an indiscriminate judgement. Even in Psalms, even in the Old Testament right here it says, You arise to punish evil and defend the gentle upon the earth. Let me encourage you to keep praying for justice. I believe the Lord will bring it to every aspect and layer of society and life, because He won’t be silent. He will respond and He does respond to the prayers of His people. And He’s not being silent in these crazy times that we are living in. 

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