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Episode 73 - Candidate Endorsement Series feat. Blake Miguez, State Senate Candidate, District 22

“O God, how extravagant is your cherishing love! All mankind can find a hiding place under the shadow of your wings. All may drink of the anointing from the abundance of your house. All may drink their fill from the rivers of Eden. The fountain of life flows from you to satisfy me. In your light of holiness we receive the light of revelation. Lord, keep pouring out your unfailing love on those who are near you. Release more of your blessings to those who are loyal to you. Don’t let these proud boasters trample me down; don’t let them push me around by the sheer strength of their wickedness. There they lie in the dirt, these evil ones, thrown down to the ground, never to arise again!”


Look at the contrast of what David was experiencing. He didn’t mince words. He spells it out so clearly for us here. The place of anointing and refreshing, revelation and wisdom is in the Lord. He was facing opposition from wicked people, but he stayed near to the Lord in the midst of persecution. He fully expected and was not shy to ask for the Lord’s help, for His justice and to relieve him forever of his enemies. This is the kind of bold prayer we need to be praying. We don’t need to tiptoe around evil. It’s okay to pray for the Lord’s help, His justice and for an absolute end to wickedness. 


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