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Episode 71 - Candidate Endorsement Series feat. Tammi Fabre, State Rep. Candidate, District 18

“You are my God, my King! It’s now time to decree majesties for Jacob! Through your glorious name and your awesome power, we can push through to any victory and defeat every enemy. For I will not trust in the weapons of the world; I know they will never save me. Only you will be our Savior from all our enemies. All those who hate us you have brought to shame. So now I constantly boast in you. I can never thank you enough! Pause in his presence”


Did you catch that? The Lord will lead us to victory. The Lord has kept a theme with me lately and that’s why I continue to share it with you. It’s this idea and command really — that our trust has to be in Him. If we want the victory, we cannot operate with the same weaponry and tactics as the enemy. We need up higher thinking, up higher equipping, and up higher guidance. We have to trust in the Lord and equip ourselves with the spiritual weapons and protection He has given us - we need to put on the full armor of God, be in a continual attitude of worship, praise, and be declaring the Word of the Lord over situations that arise. If we do that, He will lead us to any victory and we will defeat every enemy. 

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