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Episode 62 - Candidate Endorsement Series feat. Tim Kerner, Jr., State Senate Candidate, District 8

“Go ahead and give God thanks for all the glorious things he has done! Go ahead and worship him! Tell everyone about his wonders! Let’s sing his praises! Sing, and put all of his miracles to music! Shine and make your joyful boast in him, you lovers of God. Let’s be happy and keep rejoicing no matter what. Seek more of his strength! Seek more of him! Let’s always be seeking the light of his face. Don’t you ever forget his miracles and marvels. Hold to your heart every judgment he has decreed.”


Lately the Lord seems to have had a theme, which is for us to keep our eyes on Him. He's saying don’t focus on the chaos, don’t focus on the naysayers and don't focus on your problems - instead, focus on worshipping the Lord. Our attitude and our focus are choices that we get to make. And it makes such an incredible difference when we choose to make God the center of our attention and conversations and energy. I was recently in a car ride with my friend Vicki and we didn’t do this on purpose but we ended up in a conversation of our history with the Lord, and I noticed at the end of the trip how encouraged, energized and how much lighter we both felt. This is the power of testimony and recounting the faithfulness of the Lord. This is the power of making God the center of our focus. 

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