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Episode 60 - We Will Not Comply

“Look! Yahweh now reigns as King! He has covered himself with majesty and strength, wearing them as his splendor-garments. Regal power surrounds him as he sits securely on his throne. He’s in charge of it all, the entire world, and he knows what he’s doing!”


What a great reminder of who the reigning King is. Even though it seems like chaos surrounds us and evil is everywhere, God is still on His throne. He’s still the all-powerful one, the Almighty God. He’s not stressed out or wringing His hands over what He sees, because He has always seen it.  I believe that the reason we see so much more wickedness than we ever have is because God is exposing it so that we can see it and be part of the solution. So let me charge you today to ask the Lord what your role is in being part of the solution to the cleanup of evil in your town, in our state or beyond. 

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