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Episode 48 - RINO Alert! Three State Reps that Need Challengers ASAP


“In a palace you find many kinds of containers and tableware for many different uses. Some are beautifully inlaid with gold or silver, but some are made of wood or earthenware; some of them are used for banquets and special occasions, and some for everyday use. But you, Timothy, must not see your life and ministry this way. Your life and ministry must not be disgraced, for you are to be a pure container of Christ and dedicated to the honorable purposes of your Master, prepared for every good work that he gives you to do. Run as fast as you can from all the ambitions and lusts of youth; and chase after all that is pure. Whatever builds up your faith and deepens your love must become your holy pursuit. And live in peace with all those who worship our Lord Jesus with pure hearts. Stay away from all the foolish arguments of the immature, for these disputes will only generate more conflict. For a true servant of our Lord Jesus will not be argumentative but gentle toward all and skilled in helping others see the truth, having great patience toward the immature. Then with meekness you’ll be able to carefully enlighten those who argue with you so they can see God’s gracious gift of repentance and be brought to the truth. This will cause them to rediscover themselves and escape from the snare of Satan who caught them in his trap so that they would carry out his purposes.”


This was such an anchoring instruction for me this morning - a reminder of the way that we are called to interact with people. We are instructed to stay away from foolish arguments because they only create more conflict. And we are to be skilled in helping others see the truth. This takes on such different meaning than it would have for me 3 or 4 years ago. Now I am awake to the reality that everywhere we turn we are being barraged with lies. And I believe that as we point people to the truth of anything, it points them to Christ. Because He is the Source of all truth. I love the part of the passage that teaches us that pointing people to truth opens the door for them to the gift of repentance -- which does not mean saying you’re sorry, it literally means to turn around or to change your mind. The opportunity to change our mind is a gift from the Lord that causes us to rediscover ourselves and escape from Satan’s trap.  

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