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Episode 29 - Absolutely Astounding Victories!

May God’s undeserved kindness and total well-being that flow from our Father God and from the Lord Jesus be yours. He’s the Anointed One who offered himself as the sacrifice for our sins! He has rescued us from this evil world system and set us free, just as our Father God desired. May all the glory be to God alone, throughout time and eternity. Amen!


He’s talking about the salvation of our souls, but this morning I couldn’t help but think that the very salvation of our souls by Jesus is what empowers us to change the world system that formerly enslaved us. Freedom in Christ gives us freedom to change the systems of this world... and ALL of the glory belongs to God. We have no interest or desire in trying to take it for ourselves. It’s His salvation and His Spirit that empower us to do the work He has called and ordained us to do.

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