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Episode 101 - A Conversation w/ AG-Elect Liz Murrill


“Wisdom will exalt you when you exalt her truth. She will lead you to honor and favor when you live your life by her insights. You will be adorned with beauty and grace, and wisdom’s glory will wrap itself around you, making you victorious in the race.”


Wisdom is a gift from God that He gives when we seek Him and we love truth. I believe the opposite of that is true as well -- that for those who are shunning God and who ignore and don’t embrace truth, wisdom cannot be found. This is how God keeps the ones who love Him steps ahead of those who hate Him and His ways. It’s the gift of wisdom from God that we can see and recognize in those who love Him because we can see His favor in their lives. We can see it guiding them and protecting them, and we can see how He makes them victorious -- even in times when it may seem like a long shot -- because they love and honor the Lord and the truth. 

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