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#187 The 2024 Regular Legislative Session in Review Pt. 5


”But you, my delightfully loved friends, remember the prophecies of the apostles of our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One. They taught you, “In the last days there will always be mockers, motivated by their own ungodly desires.” These people cause divisions and are followers of their own natural instincts, devoid of the life of the Spirit. But you, my delightfully loved friends, constantly and progressively build yourselves up on the foundation of your most holy faith by praying every moment in the Spirit. Fasten your hearts to the love of God and receive the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gives us eternal life.“


The realities of our society and world are more apparent than they’ve ever been in my lifetime. Even people in the highest positions of government and business around the world mock morality, spiritual truth and the things of God. Politicians and the media spend much of their energy on stirring up hatred and division. We see it on a daily basis with our own eyes. But our job in this toxic environment is to build ourselves up spiritually and do the work to maintain and strengthen our faith through constant prayer, through clinging to the love of God and receiving His mercy for our own lives. We are to be ones who season this darkness and wickedness with salt and light that is so potent it draws even those in blatant wickedness to the Lord Jesus.

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