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#185 The 2024 Regular Legislative Session in Review Pt. 3

Matthew 2:9-11 This is a passage about the wise men or the maji coming from the East to see Jesus after His birth.


”And on their way to Bethlehem, the same star they had seen in the East suddenly reappeared! Amazed, they watched as it went ahead of them and stopped directly over the place where the child was. And when they saw the star, they were so ecstatic that they shouted and celebrated with unrestrained joy. When they came into the house and saw the young child with Mary, his mother, they fell to the ground at his feet and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasure chests full of gifts and presented him with gold, frankincense, and myrrh.“


In the footnotes in my Bible it explains that there were likely around 100 wise men in this caravan. So imagine the scene, Mary is just going about her business. Jesus is probably a toddler at this point and one evening 100 men show up at her home. And when they see Jesus, this group of at least 100 grown men, give Him extremely expensive gifts and bow down and worship Him. I often wondered what I would have done if I’d lived during the time Jesus was on Earth. I question what my response would have been. And of course we can’t ever really know. But what this scripture shows me in a fresh way that I haven’t seen before is -- for those whose hearts are open, for those who wanted to know Jesus, their spirits recognized Him. Their spirits felt the pull to the one who had the appearance of a toddler but was also their Creator and King. We see it also when Mary was pregnant and visited her Aunt Elizabeth who was pregnant with John the Baptist. When Mary arrived, John the Baptist’s spirit within him as an unborn baby recognized the deity of unborn King Jesus. And that recognition still lives on today. It is what draws us to Him. It is what draws us to the point of salvation, and it is what beckons us to stay near to Him. Don’t resist that pull in your spirit. It is your spirit’s great desire to connect with your Creator and Redeemer.

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