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#182 America Under Threat w/ Frank Gaffney


”People lose their way without wise leadership, but a nation succeeds and stands in victory when it has many good counselors to guide it.“


We can see that this is what has happened to our nation. Wickedness, corruption and depravity can be plainly seen in all three branches of government -- and the head of our government seems to be the worst of the three. But Psalm 33:12 offers us encouragement. The Amplified Version says it this way - Blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the nation whose God is the Lord, The people whom He has chosen as His own inheritance. 

As a nation of the people, for the people, established in covenant with our Creator and King, Lord Jesus, as American believers, we have the authority and assignment in the spiritual realm to rebuke and overwhelm the darkness with light. And we can see the evidence of many believers working to turn the tide. This is a spiritual act of service to the country and a very visible one. I think of the work of parents reigning in and overturning corrupt school boards, the work of election integrity activists demanding transparency in our most sacred political process, the work of LACAG members ensuring that their legislators know where they stand and that their votes are indeed being watched. All of this is the work of watchmen and light bearers. It is a spiritual act of service to our nation, one that had been neglected for a long time by many. And I am convinced that the reinvigoration of believers like us standing up and taking our place in spiritual service to the nation is moving us to a place where the hand of God tips the scales and we have righteous governance again, and our leadership has many wise counselors again.

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