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#176 Protecting Louisiana Farm Land w/ Rep. Michael Echols

”“Consider this: A sower went out to sow. As he sowed some fell along the beaten path and soon the birds came and ate it. Some fell onto gravel with no topsoil and quickly sprouted since the soil had no depth. But when the days grew hot, the sprouts were scorched and withered because they had insufficient roots. Some fell among the thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it, and it yielded no fruit. But some fell onto good, rich soil that kept producing a good harvest. Some yielded thirty, some sixty—and some a hundredfold! If you understand this, then you need to respond.”“

In this parable, Jesus is talking about the condition of the soil of our hearts. The condition of our hearts determines whether the Word of God is able to take root, grow and produce. The beaten path represents a hard heart that the seed cannot even enter. The topsoil represents a hollow heart with no depth. The thorny place is the heart that has the world around it competing for its affection and resources. And the rich soil is the place where the Word of God can grow and produce a tremendous return. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the condition of your heart. He will show you what needs to change. If you feel like it needs healing and restoration, I recommend a book that has been an incredible resource for me. It’s called Three Easy steps to Emotional Healing. It gives emotional healing instructions that are simple, quick and pretty pain and drama free. And it works! I am in not a paid advertiser for this book. It’s just been such a great help to me. And it’s only $5 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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