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#174 Counting on Truth & Citizen Advocate w/ Mark Cook

”I refused to bend my morals when temptation was before me so that I could become obedient to your Word. I refuse to turn away from difficult truths, for you yourself have taught me to love your words. How sweet are your living promises to me; sweeter than honey is your revelation-light. For your truth is the source of my understanding, not the falsehoods of those who don’t know you, which I despise. Truth’s shining light guides me in my choices and decisions; the revelation of your Word makes my pathway clear.“

What an example and encouragement for us to stay in truth and to choose truth, even when it’s hard. You know it’s amazing, I have discovered in recent years that the people who make up the lies that they want people to believe -- whether big or small -- often begin to believe their own lies.  They literally deceive themselves unintentionally while aiming to deceive others. What an insane way to live. The Spirit of the Lord leads us into all truth, and if He is inside of us and active, if we are choosing and learning to better hear His voice and promptings, then we will not be led into deception. And better than that, His truth will guide us on the path that He has made for us. Let me encourage you to choose truth today, and to ask the Lord very simply to show you if there’s any place in your life where you are believing a lie -- big or small. And ask Him to reveal the truth to you that kills the power of that lie.

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