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#168 Fighting for the People w/ Sen. Valarie Hodges

“You are my righteous Father, but the unbelieving world has never known you in the perfect way that I know you! And all those who believe in me also know that you have sent me! I have revealed to them who you are and I will continue to make you even more real to them, so that they may experience the same endless love that you have for me, for your love will now live in them, even as I live in them!”

Jesus’s prayer here tells us that once we believe in Him, He will continue to make God more real to us. Taking one step of faith into believing that Jesus is the Son of God who came to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins opens the door for a continual and increasing revelation of the love of God. It brings an ongoing personal experience of the love of God living and flowing in us as well as the indwelling of Christ Himself. This passage also tells us that we’re not going to have it all figured out before we believe. That’s where faith comes in. We take a step of faith, believing in Jesus, and He supplies ongoing revelation, an endless flood of the love of God and His very Presence inside of us.

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