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#167 Life & Liberty w/ Reggie Littlejohn

“Whoever wants to know me and receive my wisdom, come and dine at my table and drink of my wine. Lay aside your simple thoughts and leave your paths behind. Agree with my ways, live in my truth, and you will find righteousness.”

The title of this Proverb is Wisdom’s Feast. The Bible tells us that the beginning of wisdom is the reverential awe or the fear of the Lord. So in meal terms, that is the appetizer. The feast is living in alignment with and according to that awe — allowing that awe to narrow your path. The feast is refusing to leave the Presence of the Lord but instead like a little child, like an eager student, like an enraptured lover, sitting at His feet seeking to learn about Him and His Word and His ways. All of that requires us to leave our ways of thinking and our ways of living behind and choose His instead, submit to His ways instead.  Even as I dwell on that I can feel the weight lifting off my shoulders because His yoke is easy and His burden is light. It is wisdom to submit to the Lord and let Him lead us into His ways and into all truth and righteousness. 

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