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#162 Positive Steps Forward and a Big Week Ahead

This is the Sunday morning after Jesus’s crucifixion. ”Very early that Sunday morning, the women made their way to the tomb, carrying the spices they had prepared. Among them were Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Jesus’ mother Mary. Arriving at the tomb they discovered that the huge stone covering the entrance had been rolled aside, so they went in to look. But the tomb was empty. The body of Jesus was gone! They stood there, stunned and perplexed. Suddenly, two men appeared above them in dazzling white robes shining like lightning. Terrified, the women fell to the ground on their faces. The men in white said to them, “Why would you look for the Living One in a tomb? He is not here, for he has risen!“

I love what Jerone Davison said when he came on the show a few weeks ago. He said that he’s one of those people who believes the Bible literally and the stories recounted in the Bible really happened. And this is the most important story that the Bible tells - of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. We are not like those who don’t have hope. We serve a risen King. He took on all of our sin, guilt, sickness, disease, shame and torment upon Himself. He offered Himself up as the perfect sacrifice for all of mankind. And He conquered it all. He poured His perfect blood out on the mercy seat and covered all of our sins, so that we could become the righteousness of God. This is the most important place to participate in our own rescue. His sacrifice opened a door and made forgiveness possible, made reconciliation with God possible. But we have to walk through it. We have to accept His offer of forgiveness and repent of our sins. We have to believe that He did what the Bible said He did. And we have to confess that He is Lord of all, and most importantly make Him Lord in our own hearts. And when we do that, we will be found among the living and not the dead. We will be ones who have been made new and brought into new sparkling life in Him. 

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