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#160 Bioweapons & Treaties w/ Dr. Meryl Nass (Part 1)

“The Lord is my revelation-light and the source of my salvation. I fear no one! I’ll never turn back and run, for you, Lord, surround and protect me. When evil ones come to destroy me, they will be the ones who turn back. My heart will not fear even if an army rises to attack. I will not be shaken, even if war is imminent. Here’s the one thing I crave from the Lord, the one thing I seek above all else: I want the privilege of living with him every moment in his house, finding the sweet loveliness of his face, filled with awe, delighting in his glory and grace. I want to live my life so close to him that he takes pleasure in my every prayer.“

Let’s remember today that we serve the King of kings and the Lord of lords - the self-existent One, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We have nothing and no one to fear. Instead of meditating on what could go wrong, instead of dwelling on the naysayers and the critics, let’s instead be focused on the goodness, the majesty, the unmatched grace and goodness of the Lord. In Him, we have nothing to fear. He is our rescuer, our redeemer and our reward. Take pleasure in the Lord and refuse fear.

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