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#159 - Citizen-Only Voter Rolls & Safer Streets w/ Sen. Mike Fesi (LA-20)

”People will curse the businessman with no ethics, but the one with a social conscience receives praise from all. Living your life seeking what is good for others brings untold favor, but those who wish evil for others will find it coming back on them.“

As I read this I was struck by the phrase social conscience - I guess because terms like social justice are so over-used and mis-used and tend to cause me to cringe. But it really made me think that people who love the Lord do obviously care about society - about the people around them. But they do it from a different mindset than the social justice crowd. They do it by extending their own hands to help. They do it in prayer and service to others... not expecting that the government will or should fix things for those facing difficulties. Rather they understand that our help comes from the Lord. And that next verse confirms that this kind of spirit and mentality brings incredible favor from the Lord. While those who live with hate in their hearts, desiring bad things to come to others will experience that it comes back on them. The Lord sees the hearts of all. And the scriptures teach and confirm here that as a man reaps, so shall he sow. 

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