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#157 - A Legislative Update - The Good, the Bad & the Unexpected

”If it seems wrong in your eyes to serve the Lord, then make your decision today which gods you will worship—the gods which your ancestors worshiped in Mesopotamia or the gods which the Amorites worship in the land where you are now living—but I and my family, we will give our lives to worship and serve Yahweh!” The people responded enthusiastically: “Far be it from us to abandon the Lord and serve other gods! Our God, The Lord, set us and our fathers free from slavery in the land of Egypt, the house of bondage. He performed these many great signs and wonders before our eyes. The Lord supernaturally protected us throughout our entire journey as we passed through the territory of other nations. And as we advanced, the Lord powerfully drove out from before us all the people, including the Amorites who inhabited the country. Yes, Joshua! We, too, will worship and serve the Lord, for he alone is our God.” “Now then,” said Joshua, “throw away these foreign gods that are among you, and yield your hearts fully to the Lord the God of Israel!” And the people promised Joshua, “We really will worship and serve our God, the Lord, and listen to his voice.”

We are living in a “choose this day whom you will serve” time. For those who have eyes to see what’s happening in the world, it has become increasingly clear that we are in the midst of a spiritual war between good and evil. Let me encourage you to make sure there is no mixture in your heart -- no mixing Christianity with other religions like New Age and Buddhism -- as has become pretty common. The Bible says the Lord alone is God. The Lord is One, there is none like Him and none beside Him. Our God is a consuming fire. Don’t try and mix or add anything else to your commitment, practice & service to Him. He won’t have it. 


Another kind of idolatry to be warned against is exalting anything above God in your own heart -- like money or success or your reputation. This is a time to purify ourselves and serve the Lord alone, to exalt Him -- His Name and His Word above everything else. The Bible says seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these other things -- these lesser but good things -- will be added to you. He will be faithful to reward your pure & faithful seeking of Him. 

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