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#153 & #154 Weekly Recap & Look Ahead

”What can the righteous accomplish when truth’s pillars are destroyed and law and order collapse?” Yet the Lord is never shaken — he is still found in his temple of holiness, reigning as King over all. He closely watches and examines everything man does. With a glance, his eyes examine every heart, for his heavenly rule will prevail over all. The Lord tests both the righteous and the wicked. God’s very soul detests lovers of violence. He will rain down upon them judgment for their sins. A scorching wind will be their lot in life. But remember this: the Lord is the Righteous One who loves justice, and every godly one will gaze upon his face!“

We can look at the state of our nation, and some days it can seem like all hope is lost. I can feel like the ones we trusted and believed and were counting on have let us down. It can feel like we worked so hard to bring about change and things still seem deadlocked. We can get so frustrated, and if we’re not careful we can get into despair. But let’s remember that the Lord is never shaken. He sees it all, and He will judge it all. I truly believe that we are living in days where we will see the Lord’s justice with our own eyes. I don’t think all of the justice that is coming will be reserved for the final judgement. This passage says that His heavenly rule will prevail over all. He will prevail over all. So keep hoping in Him. Keep believing in Him. Keep reminding yourself and Your battle partners that He is faithful and just, and He will come through. Our words have power. Our testimonies of God’s faithfulness have power. Our worship in the midst of darkness has great power. Don’t give in to despair. That’s what the enemy wants. Drive out despair with your spiritual weapons of warfare - praise, thanksgiving, laughter, testimony and generosity. And watch how the Lord shows up. Because He will show up.

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