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#138 - Machines & sovereignty w/ Rep. Phil Lyman (UT-69)

John 16:33 - this is part of Jesus’s conversation with the disciples not long before He was betrayed by Judas and arrested.

“And everything I’ve taught you is so that the peace which is in me will be in you and will give you great confidence as you rest in me. For in this unbelieving world you will experience trouble and sorrows, but you must be courageous, for I have conquered the world!””

Jesus taught us His ways, and He made the way to salvation so that we can have peace and great confidence in Him AS we rest in Him. He made it clear that we will experience trouble and sorrows. But our job is to be courageous - in one translation is says cheer up - because He conquered the world. And this takes us back to something we have spoken about often on this show. That we fight from the finished work of Jesus. We fight from His victory over sin and death. We don’t need to fight for victory in any battle we face, because the victory has been won by Jesus. That’s exactly how we can do it in the joy of the Lord rather than in fear and our own strength. Our part is to be courageous and move forward. It’s why the motto of The State of Freedom is Truth. Courage. Action.

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