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#136 - A Preview of LA Legislative Session Part 2 of 2

“Listen, Lord! Hear the sighing of all the prisoners of war, all those doomed to die. Demonstrate your glory-power, and come and rescue your condemned children! Lord God, take what these mocking masses have done to us and pay it all back to them seven times over. Then we, your devoted lovers, will forever thank you, praising your name from generation to generation!”

I know in the New Testament Jesus teaches us to pray for our enemies, and that’s where we get all tangled up and confused as Christians. And we absolutely should pray for our enemies. But when the masses mock morality, mock God, mock Biblical values and send our children down the path to hell with their lies and warped version of morality, it is our duty to rise up against that -- in prayer and in action. We can pray for their hearts to turn to God while praying that are shut down in their efforts and have to pay for the harm they have caused. Let’s remember that Jesus also taught us that the thief who steals bread to feed his family still has to pay back 7 times what he stole. As we think about how much the enemy has stolen -- just in these last few years it’s okay to be angry about it. Be angry but do not sin. Channel that righteous anger into a demand for justice. This is not a time to be soft on evil -- in the way we view it, respond to it or pray about it.

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