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#133 - Insight on Elections w/ WV Sec. of State, Mac Warner (1 of 2)

“What can the righteous accomplish when truth’s pillars are destroyed and law and order collapse?” Yet Yahweh is never shaken — he is still found in his temple of holiness, reigning as King Yahweh over all. He closely watches and examines everything man does. With a glance, his eyes examine every heart, for his heavenly rule will prevail over all.”

We can feel so discouraged and get overwhelmed by the evil that we see around us. By the lack of justice. By the world being very much in an upside down state right now, where the media, corporations, celebrities, the government apparatus and even a lot of churches push what we know that Scriptures clearly say is wrong and tell us that it is right. And they attack what is right and true and honorable and just as wrong. BUT the Lord is on His throne. He is not shaken. He is still Lord of all. He is the unchanging one. His truth remains forever. And He will prevail. The wicked will not prosper forever. I truly believe that we will see justice. We will see the Lord perform mighty miracles for His people that haven’t been seen in many, many generations. I believe we will soon see the restoration of righteous leadership in America.

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