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#116 - The Truth About the Proposed BCBS Sale w/ Sen. Jeremy Stine

“Even though you’ve let us sink down with trials and troubles, I know you will revive us again, lifting us up from the dust of death. Give us even more greatness than before. Turn and comfort us once again. My loving God, the harp in my heart will praise you. Your faithful heart toward us will be the theme of my song. Melodies and music will rise to you, the Holy One of Israel. I will shout and sing your praises for all you are to me— Savior, lover of my soul! I’ll never stop telling others how perfect you are, while all those who seek my harm slink away ashamed and defeated!”

This is a year and a moment to live in expectation of a turnaround. As we continue to trust in the faithfulness of God and keep our hearts and hands clean before Him, as we continue to praise Him for his goodness - we will experience His turnaround for our state and nation. And it won’t be just a small improvement. He will give us even more greatness than we’ve ever experienced. A big part of this turnaround is keeping our hope, our eyes and our worship fixed on Him as we keep doing the work He has called us to do.

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