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#111 - A Conversation w/ Congressman Clay Higgins (LA-3)

“Lord, as we worship you in your temple, we recall over and over your kindness to us and your unending love. The fame of your name echoes throughout the entire world, accompanied with praises. Your right hand is full of victory. So let the people of Zion rejoice with gladness; let the daughters of praise leap for joy! For God will see to it that you are judged fairly.”

The scripture tells us to meditate on the goodness and the kindness of the Lord and worship Him. As we do, we will get our hearts and minds aligned with the truth that He is the victorious one, and He will see that we are judged fairly. I love that the Lord brought me to this passage this morning, because there’s a lot of fear right now driving legislators to vote a certain way - not because it is right, but because of the fear of being judged unfairly and getting something worse. Well, scriptures tell us to worship the Lord, anticipate His victory and He will see to it that we are judged fairly. Our job is not to game out the hearts and decisions of judges - it’s to make the right decision for the people. The Lord will see to it that we are judged fairly, and the Lord will deal with wicked judges. One of my favorite scriptures, Hebrews 10:39 says it this way - We are certainly not those who are held back by fear and perish. We are among those who have faith and experience true life.

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