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October 14th Election
Candidate Endorsements &
Amendment Recommendations

"We are the boss, and we will get the government we demand and deserve." - John F. Kennedy

To find your House and Senate district numbers, click here and select "My Sample Ballot."
Names underlined are linked to candidate interviews on The State of Freedom podcast.

Statewide Office

Jeff Landry
Secretary of State
Attorney General
John Fleming

House Districts

Rodney Schamerhorn
Jason Dewitt
Daryl Deshotel
Jonathan Goudeau
Julie Emerson
Josh Carlson
Beau Beaullieu
David Eaton
Willis Trosclair, Jr.
Kellie Hennessy Dickerson
Jamie Pope
Dixon McMakin
Reginald Jasmin
Brian Glorioso
Shane Mack
Mike Bayham

Senate Districts

Rick Edmonds
Kirk Talbot
Beth Mizell
Gregory Miller
Mark Abraham

BESE Districts

Paul Hollis
Stacey Mellerine
Lance Harris
Ronnie Morris

Constitutional Amendments

Amendment No. 1
Vote YES. This amendment will prohibit funds and resources from any foreign government or any nongovernmental entity from being used to conduct any election in Louisiana. The amendment is important because will help reduce corruption in our election process by strictly prohibiting such funding to election officials
Amendment No. 2
Vote YES. This amendment provides that both the act, and the location, of religious worship are fundamental rights worthy of the highest protection under law.
Amendment No. 3
Vote YES. This amendment will require a greater percentage (25%) of non- recurring (one time) revenue to be spent to pay down teacher retirement debt and the debt of other Louisiana state employee funds. This reduces the amount of revenue that legislators can squander.
Amendment No. 4
Vote NO. The amendment would allow local governments to revoke the tax exemption for non-profit organizations if the local government determines that the property on which the non-profit operates is in such poor condition that it poses a risk to public health or safety. While the amendment is well intentioned, we oppose it because of the risk it poses to Christian organizations that could be targeted for revocation of their non-profit tax exemption. Further, local governments have a vested interest in collecting taxes, so making them the sole arbiters of what property is in such bad condition that a tax exemption should be revoked creates a conflict of interest. Thirdly, local governments should find ways to address this issue without inserting it into the Constitution. If the legislature wants to pass a law, they have the authority to do so, and be on record either supporting it or opposing it.

An informed voter is a powerful and effective voter.

The above are lists of LACAG and TSOF endorsed candidates for legislative, BESE Board and statewide election on October 14, 2023. Any race not included in this list simply indicates that, to date, LACAG and TSOF have declined to make an endorsement in that race. Additional endorsements may be forthcoming. These endorsements were made after careful evaluation of the candidates based upon survey responses and our firm conclusion that they will be the most effective fighters in working with their colleagues to advance the cause of constitutional conservatism in total fidelity to the citizens of Louisiana. We certainly intend to hold them to their commitments. Endorsements are not made in a vacuum, and the relative value of any candidate can only be assessed by comparison to his/her opponents. It was on this basis that we arrived at our endorsement decision for each candidate.

Also included above are our recommendations on the Constitutional amendments on the ballot based on our thorough analysis of the legislation.

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P.O. Box 861
Bourg, LA, 70343

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